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Are your inventories working for you or against you?

Like the tides, the balance of global supply and demand is constantly changing. This is not news. However, during the past few years global impacts have been exponential compared to times just half a decade ago. The uncertainties and unexpected ...

3 min read time

Why you need a UX writer

Do you have a product or service, a website or an app? Maybe there’s even a chatbot or a voice assistant? Either way, you need a UX writer. A UX what, you say? Why? Well, our work is a vital part of the user experience.

3 min read time

Post-Ignite 2022 reflections

Microsoft Ignite 2022 was held October 12-14 at Seattle Convention Center and it was a full hybrid experience with sessions being streamed live to a global audience as well as being presented live on stage. You could feel the energy and welcoming ...

8 min read time