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Mastering Creative Asset Management – Best Practices for Decision Makers

Learn the key to effective asset management and elevate your business 

Businesses especially in the media and gaming field revolve around creative assets, such as images, videos and other digital designs. They are the concrete embodiment of a business’ or their clients’ organizations’ brand, distributed around multiple channels, forums and physical platforms. It goes without saying that vast quantities of assets require a massive amount of time and manual work to manage. This article will teach you four easy steps for successful creative and digital asset management. 

CAM and DAM decoded 

Creative asset management (CAM) includes the strategic arrangement of an organization’s creative resources. It’s about structuring the creation, storage, access and utilization of these resources in the most effective manner to maximize their value and impact around the business landscape.  

Digital asset management (DAM) is perhaps a more recognized part of the entirety of the process since there are multiple known SaaS platforms for managing digital assets. DAM is a subset of CAM that involves centralizing creative assets into a secure depository with qualities to efficient search and retrieval, version control and managing asset distribution. 

Best practices for Creative Asset Management Implementation 

For decision makers in large companies with massive quantities of digital assets, CAM is a cornerstone strategy in navigating the growing challenge of “explosion of content” where channels are multiplying, and content must be scaled accordingly. This obviously takes a scaled number of resources into manual work of creative asset management accordingly.  

In best case scenario, a well implemented CAM process mirrored to a company’s needs can be a solution that streamlines workflows, facilitates better collaboration across teams, helps to maintain and enhance brand consistency and ensure compliance with legal and industry standards. Put to business impacts, this means more resources for innovation, faster distribution, happier creative teams and reduced risk of legal breach. So how can your company ensure a successful management process for creative and digital assets?  

1. Evaluate your company’s current situation

Make sure to identify current practices, bottlenecks and pain points. Develop a strategy to address these issues and paint a picture of a perfect scenario. 

2. Choose your technology 

There are lots of options for ready-made softwares to help your company embark a solution for this challenge. You can take your pick or choose the custom-made solution that addresses all your needs and scales with you (more on this below). 

3. Teach and implement

 Training and coaching are an integral part of all success, and it applies to the effective utilization of DAM technologies too. This step makes sure that the help of technology will be actively in use. 

4. Evaluate and optimize 

Just like all strategy work, your asset management process should be regularly revised. Ensure the existing strategy serves your vision and make necessary adjustments accordingly. 

Ready for the next step? 

In case you identified a need for streamlining your creative asset management, we’d like to introduce our Creative Asset Management Solution (Knowit CAMS).  

To showcase an example of our competence and tools for this kind of solution, we’d like to introduce you to a couple of examples of its possibilities from our clients – we have developed an advanced content portal for Finnish outdoor advertising company Clear Channel and built a promotional video management and tracking software for a Finnish mobile games company Metacore. 

Our solution can be integrated into your ERP system and the solution is managed without third-party authentication and it is always customized to your company’s specific needs. If you already see our solution’s value, we should take a look at all the possibilities in how we could elevate your business. 

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