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Free up your creative team’s time with process automation

Process automation is an underutilized solution for creative teams that handle vast amounts of different creative assets manually on a daily basis. Removing repetitive tasks could give your business a considerable competitive edge by enabling more innovation. 

Imagine a scenario where your creative team would no longer have to spend countless hours for asset naming and categorization, uploading assets to multiple channels and platforms, scaling content, data retrieval and performance metrics from various media channels, juggling asset workflows and different approval chains. Instead, your team could use their time for concept design, strategic planning and innovative ideas that help your creative assets to stand out.  

The time consumed in digital asset management tasks grows exponentially the more channels and the more people are involved – and time consumption in business usually equals to spent money and resources. It may have occurred to you that there is a solution to a more effective manner of asset management and optimization that is no magic, but very simple and realistic. Process automation is the key to help your creative teams automate repetitive tasks and make work more enjoyable. 

The benefits of process automation to your creative team and business 

Automation can be a game changer by streamlining processes, reducing human prone errors, and improving consistency and quality. Process automation also fosters efficient collaboration and boosts overall productivity.  

So how can process automation specifically help your creative team? With process automation, your team could streamline the manual tasks and save up to 95% of time used in creative asset management (this is a quote directly from our client based on their experience). Below is a short list of process automation’s benefits that can empower your team to reach their full potential beyond the routine tasks. 

1. Free up your team’s creative potential 

Manual routine work halts inspiration and motivation. With automation by your team’s side, they’ll have time and energy to ideation, concepts and visionary projects. 

2. Enhance efficiency

The entire creative process can be optimized with automation. Throw a little artificial intelligence in the mix, and you have basically endless possibilities of making creative asset management easy and efficient. 

3. Improve collaboration 

Streamlined workflows and centralized systems lessen complex communication and enable smooth project coordination. Better collaboration leads to better innovation. 

4. Drive innovation 

All the freed-up time leaves more room for creativity, deeper research, experimentation and eventually innovation.  

What are the possibilities of process automation together with AI on creative assets? 

Utilizing AI and ML can power your creative team for example by altering content to channel-specific requirements. To mention just a few, optimizing video ad length according to channel-specific viewer behaviour as well as transcribing and subtitling video content are possible use cases of customized AI solutions within creative asset management. 

The possibilities are extensive, and we have the power and knowhow to deliver. You can read more about our process automation & AI utilizing creative asset management solution below. 

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