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Tedious tasks are the killer of your creative teams’ potential

Endless channels, platforms and SaaS tools. Constantly evolving ad specs, lengthy chains of approvals and time-consuming asset performance analysis. This is a relatable process for teams that deal with large volumes of creative assets on a daily basis in gaming companies and media houses, to mention a few. And it’s probably gnawing at a considerable amount of your business’ competitive advantage.  

The described challenges might as well be relevant to every organization conducting business in the modern world, where creativity and innovation are key to staying competitive. The need for manual tasks in digital asset management is drastic and it takes time away from the hands of creative teams. This is further reflected on wasted innovation potential for businesses and squandering resources on work that is not meaningful to anyone - especially when it could be automated.  

It’s time to raise the issue of creative asset management (CAM). If you recognize this common challenge in your company and want to gain significant competitive advantage, you should definitely give this article a read.  

The emotional toll of repetitive tasks might harm your business 

You as a decision maker are probably no new to this – happy employees play a fundamental role in creating a growing, profitable and happy company. And what is the key to happy employees?  

Meaningful work is certainly one of the main motivators for excellence. Referring to an article of McKinsey & Company, it has been found that when employees consider their work meaningful, their performance improves by 33 percent, they are 75 percent more committed to their organization, and are 49 percent less likely to leave. And purpose and meaning at work attributes a lot in work activities that provide energy and meaning. Using simple math, it sounds like a pretty good deal to keep tasks motivating. 

For creative teams, the tasks considered as motivating are probably not the unrewarding, time-consuming and repetitive tasks. These tasks can evoke feelings of boredom, exhaustion and frustration – feelings, that take a huge emotional toll and affect productivity and interest towards work.  

So how to make your creative teams’ days pleasant and business productive? 

Let’s consider a different scenario. By providing exciting tasks according to each employee’s interests, there’s a high chance that the employee feels fulfilment, freedom and commitment at work and therefore is a much more productive member of your team. 

A reduction of unpleasant tasks frees up an enormous amount of time for what matters – innovation, strategic planning and creative work. This enables employees to reach their full potential which in turn strengthens your company’s competitive edge, not to mention the increase of savings from unseen costs in manual creative asset management. 

All this can be achieved with the right CAM implementation. And we happen to have a solution that automates creative asset management into one workflow and centralizes assets into one creative library.  

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