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Release Your Inner AI Skeptic: Why Curiosity Should Be Your Leader!

In a world that demands conformity and "good enough," curiosity is a force that can drive a revolution! Curiosity is the driving force behind growth and the secret weapon of all high-performing companies. Yet, we often stifle our inner curiosity on the altar of collaboration. We often settle for what is good enough. All for the sake of being in agreement. Expressed in plain Swedish, this becomes – ”Mellanmjölk” ie. Mediocrity. A new approach is needed! 

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I find that many of the customers we meet at Knowit need to put their foot down around a new approach and strategy around AI as a catalyst for business development. Here are some suggestions for approaches: 

  1. Build your own Think Tank with AI Bots that challenge you.
    With today's ChatGPT, we can now set up AI Bots that have personality and a "bias" when it comes to opinions and behavior. They can be specially trained to be challenging or positive, skeptics or supporters. All in order to activate our own reflective ability and to stop going on "Auto-pilot." 
  1. AI is a Catalyst for Curiosity. And vice versa!
    Embrace the discomfort of change. Your brain does everything it can to avoid wasting energy! Routines are creativity killers. Experiment with new paths and explore. How can AI help you make better decisions and make better choices? 
  1. The Road to Discovery is Paved with Detours.
    Experiment without fear of failure. Go outside your comfort zone and embrace the excitement of the unknown. AI is not always right. Try new perspectives, even if they seem unrelated or downright - crazy! 
  1. Curiosity is not an innate trait. It is a right!
    Bury all the excuses and take ownership of AI. Stop hiding behind "I already have all the answers I'm looking for" or "It's cheating." 
  1. Identify your own "Power Questions."
    What do you find fascinating and how can you develop it with AI? Challenge truths and given assumptions. Seek your answers. 

Curiosity Didn't Kill the Cat! 

Curiosity is an active pursuit of knowledge and understanding. To always be "Junior" and willing to learn is perhaps the finest qualities I know. Ask questions instead of coming up with proven truths or judging things as right or wrong. Curiosity can take us as far as we want. 

So... Let go of your inner skeptic at the next stop, challenge your organization's most hardened beliefs, and embrace the power of being curious! 

Challenge Your Organization's "Scar Tissue"! 

How can we embrace the new paradigm for AI? Start with an Innovation Lab on your organization's biggest "scar tissue" - the beliefs that come from negative experiences and that are often the hardest to challenge. 

What is your organization's biggest "scar tissue"? 

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