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Without a Strategy to Interact with AI, You Will Be the Marionette

Can we say that we, de facto, already are in an AI-driven world? I suggest Yes! We are approached by many clients that already use AI in their daily business. What is most interesting is that the classical pitfalls of decision making have also accelerated!


I believe I have identified the absence of a well-defined strategy for how we interact with AI-models. I have seen that it often leads to unintended consequences and that our own confirmation bias could be the biggest problem. And by the way, a new term has surfaced, "Automation bias". How we are inclined to uncritically accept answers from AI-models! Why 
is it so easy to be blinded by the clarity and simplicity in those answers?

Just as a marionette is controlled by its puppeteer, of course being unclear over who is the puppeteer, lacking an effective approach to navigate AI interactions can result in individuals being controlled by the tool – and remember, this is a pretty smart tool!

As AIs increasingly influence our decisions, from personalized recommendations to critical business choices, having a clear plan becomes essential. An organization needs guidance to avoid the potential pitfalls of AI interactions.

Pay attention to:

Request Different Viewpoints from the AI
Ask the AI to explicitly provide arguments, evidence, or viewpoints that differ from your own

Experiment with different versions of Prompts
Use different prompts to see how the AI responds to varying approaches

Use Several AI Models
Don't rely solely on one AI model

Ask Open-ended Questions
Ask open-ended questions that encourage the AI to provide a nuanced response. This can help prevent the AI from simply confirming your assumptions

Reflect on Responses Critically
Don't blindly accept the first response you receive. Cross-reference it with reliable sources and consider its validity.

Challenge Your Own Assumptions
Challenge your own assumptions and beliefs. If the AI provides information that contradicts your beliefs, take the opportunity to reassess your position.

Be Clear about Your Objectives
Are you seeking information, a different perspective, or creative input? Having clear objectives can guide your interactions OR bias your questions.

Choose Your Decision Model Wisely
We have examples of over 50+ decision models, but not everyone is suited for all questions. Using the proper one is crucial.

Your organisation's AI interaction strategy involves understanding the strengths and limitations of AI, establishing guidelines for data privacy and ethical considerations as well as ways to avoid being trapped in biased thinking and collaboration. Your organisation needs to have a stand over how AI fits into our lives and how it will be aligned with your 
organization’s values, culture and particular business challenge. Make sure to harness AI's potential while maintaining control over our choices, ensuring that technology remains a tool and not your puppeteer.

Reach out to me to keep the conversation running!

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