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If a locksmith can utilize AI, you can too!

Is artificial intelligence (AI) too expensive or can’t you set aside time to embrace it? 
This is the challenge we meet from many small businesses. However, I challenge you to consider a different perspective: AI can become an invaluable asset for small businesses across all industries. Or maybe your new colleegue.

Imagine a local locksmith 
Running a locksmith shop demands diverse skills, from customer service and administration to lock installation and repair. But how can a solo entrepeneur juggle everything? Enter AI, your helpful coworker!

AI can of course automate repetitive tasks 
Like bookkeeping, scheduling, and customer service. It analyzes data, offering valuable insights into customer behavior and market trends. This frees up the locksmith's time to focus on what truly matters: providing exceptional customer experience and expertise to clients.

Here's a concrete example: 
A customer calls with a lock issue. Using AI, the locksmith can request a picture of the lock. The AI identifies quickly the type and suggests replacement parts from millions of possible models and types, streamlining the experience for both parties. No need for a lengthy wait until the locksmith arrives to diagnose the problem. Imagine the hazzle to even identify the correct type and model.

In this case we instructed the GPT-bot to restrict it’s answers to the specific model number, order number and everything else necessary to place an order from the manufacturer. Hours of work saved! This took just a couple of hours to set up.

If a locksmith can do it, you can too!

Are you ready to challenge your biases and give AI a chance?
Challenge us! We are staying on the top of the wave and we can create just the right AI-bot for your business.

Which new virtual collegue can give you the competitive edge?