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Hire AI as your new virtual collegue!

Is artificial intelligence (AI) your worst competitor threatening your business Or your new collegue soon to be your CEO? 
This question sparks fiery debate. However, I challenge you to consider a different perspective: AI can become an invaluable asset for small businesses across all industries. It can even be your very own virtual collegue!

Let's consider a businesses collaborating with a supplier of a highly complex software application 
When the supplier are overloaded by all their clients questions, accessing expert help gets tricky, and that will severly impact your implementation project. AI can bridge the gap between your business and the supplier's complex technical environment and specialists. It analyzes data, identifies issues, and proposes concrete solutions. In real time!

A real world example from one of our implementation projects:
We have found that if we train a specific GPT-agent on all technical documentation and a transcript of all meetings, we can have it act as your very own and dedicated technical expert – 24/7! We have even named the GPT-agent after the name of the supplier’s technical expert. For fun of course. We just got a new super smart team-member!

You could think of the AI expert as a support that offloads the supplier. It handles repetitive tasks and provides tips and tricks, facilitating the knowledge transfer to your business while freeing up the supplier's time for strategic matters.

Of course, AI isn't a magic solution, even if it is very close 
Planning and implementation are crucial to unlock its potential. But for forward leaning businesses ready to embrace it, AI can be a game-changer. It will create new business opportunities for those brave enough to harvest the opportunities first.

Here are some questions to ponder:

  • How can AI improve your collaboration with suppliers or Clients?
  • What data can you train your virtual collegue on to leverage valuable insights?
  • What would be the lowest threshhold for you to get started?

Remember, AI doesn't replace human expertise; it amplifies it
With the right mindset, AI can become an invaluable new colleague for small or large businesses in any industry.

Are you ready to challenge your biases and give AI a chance?
Challenge us! We are staying on the top of the wave and we can create just the right AI-bot for your business.

Hire AI as your new virtual collegue. We’ll create it for you! Or how many you like!