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Future IT department - will it even exist?

We believe that it is just a matter of time until the expertise and capabilities typically held within “traditional” IT departments are fully integrated into the various business functions, leaving IT departments significantly slimmer both in ...

5 min read time

The Mantras

What do Lean Budgeting, Lean Systems Design, Agile development, DevOps, Release on Demand, Business Agility, Trust, Lean Portfolio Management, Learning Organisation have in common other than being buzz words, and off course really valuable ...

1 min read time

Managing projects that have a real impact

Digitalization and a fast-changing world place great demands on companies today. The future belongs to those who become quicker, more innovative and flexible and can meet the changing needs of the customers. As competition becomes tougher and ...

3 min read time

Is your organization future-proof?

Hierarchical organizational structures are becoming outdated Early management theories and leadership frameworks were developed during the industrial revolution when organizations continuously grew larger and larger, which required structure. At the ...

3 min read time

Too much data?

Is there a challenge related to having too much data? One, among many, interesting findings pointed out in one of the reports emerging from Knowit Insight’s ongoing collaboration with KTH (The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm) suggests ...

3 min read time